KeepWOL now integrates with Webex

Elevate your team's collaboration, communication and human connectivity with KeepWOL's unique AI-powered tools, seamlessly integrated with Webex.

What is Keepwol ?

KeepWOL enhances team collaboration and helps create healthy organizations.

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Relationship Building

Live verbal conversation sessions facilitate an immersive team experience that fosters engagement and learning, complete with contextual details.

Insights & Analytics

Accountability, measurable change, and continuous development opportunities are provided through the tracking of each experience session.

Team Development

Participants uncover areas where they need improvement, set objectives, and use curated action plans to meet their goals.

KeepWOL + Webex

Unleashing team potential: streamlined collaboration, insightful analytics, and a supportive work environment.

Effortless Collaboration

The KeepWOL-Webex integration ensures a smooth, unified experience, enabling teams to access powerful engagement tools directly within Webex.

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Data-Driven Team Insights

Real-time, actionable analytics transform team dynamics, engagement, and innovation for continuous improvement.

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Cultivating Psychological Safety

Enhanced psychological safety ensures open dialogue, fostering innovation and higher job satisfaction.

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Integrate in 3 easy steps

Enhance your team's experience today!


Install Keepwol in Webex

Log in your Webex admin interface, search for Keepwol, and click Open.


Start a game

Click host or join game, select the type of game you want to play and the deck.


Launch the app

From a call interface, find and click on the app to open.

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