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Schedule & invite participants

Select a certified facilitator and schedule a game. Play as often as you’d like, but we recommend playing at least monthly to receive maximum value. Games take 90 minutes or less.

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Players answer questions and vote on how open, honest, and transparent the responses are. There are no right or wrong answers. Much is revealed about oneself and others during gameplay. Randomization, question ambiguity, bonus points, and the ability to ask follow-up questions bring out authenticity within players.

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Reflect on your experience. Discover how your learnings from the game impacted you and document your personal and team goals.


Review your dashboard of goals and personalized educational content delivered in your preferred learning style to help you meet your goals.

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We’re not your typical training or team-building platform.

Learn Why Our Customers Love Us!


“I was most surprised by the authenticity and individuality of the program. Whereas most team-building programs feel forced and uncomfortable (and often exclusionary), KeepWOL made it surprisingly easy to feel engaged with, and truly heard and acknowledged by co-workers.”

R&D Specialist, Bayer

“This program isn't "corporate" in the sense that it's the same questions of "what do you do? Where are you from? What do you want from this team?". The game format made it more fun. The questions were unique and thought provoking.”

Workflow Coordinator, Bayer

“The idea that stood out the most was the "homework" that came from the additional lessons that were recommended based off of the things we were most interested to learn more about.”

Research Associate, Bayer

“It's a simple platform that is easy to jump in and start using immediately. It forced the entire team to pay attention. Pushed members to engage and allowed the space to bring up and understand team issues that some are afraid to bring up on their own. Dedicate the time and you'll see improved team communication and engagement.”

Research Team Manager, Bayer

“The conversations connect week to week and also continue out of the sessions and into our workday. I really like how KeepWOL keeps everyone engaged with the follow up questions, bonus points, and personal and team goals.”

R&D Specialist, Bayer

“My favorite feature of KeepWOL is the fact that it is a game. I feel like it helps my team engage more.”

Research Specialist, Bayer

“KeepWOL was the perfect tool to build staff rapport during an unprecedented time. Remote work has caused some stress for our team, and KeepWOL has allowed us to build a closer bond.”

Equity & Inclusion Program Manager at The University of California San Francisco

“KeepWOL is a warm, experience-based take on what our office has tried to do with personality assessments. The game format offers an engaging and fun way for teams to build camaraderie, share rich experiences and in turn strengthen team bonds. I found myself moving through a gamut of emotions as I learned deep truths about the other participants. KeepWOL was fresh, lively, and most of all, fun!”

Senior Recruitment Manager at The University of Houston

“KeepWOL provides a clean, interactive, and fun approach to team development. I particularly enjoyed how easy it is to ask follow-up questions and get below the surface level that most teams hover above. I’d recommend it to teams who want an easy and effective way to build connections and creativity.”

Principal at Spille: Play

“The facilitation was so natural and felt inclusive; structured to keep participants organized but lots of room for individual sharing and group learning. My favorite feature is the layered questioning format - good reminder that it's useful not just for business conversation but for getting to know one another as people.”

Manager, Global Employee Relations Care Programs, Google

“KeepWOL is a fun, insightful, and creative. It’s a simple yet effective approach to talent development that provides genuine laughs with the team.”

Employee Relations Care Specialist, Google

““Phenomenal platform that creates a safe place for very direct, heart of the matter discussions.”

Enterprise Director - Community Engagement, Mayo Clinic

“KeepWOL is a great way to foster engagement and have meaningful conversations about working together and finding solutions to problems.”

Stakeholder & Communications Manager at Invest Puerto Rico

“KeepWOL is the perfect vehicle to get people talking. I love how participants asked follow-up questions that challenged everyone to dig-in and respond thoughtfully.”

Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Porter | Hedges

“KeepWOL is a simple way to organize true team building in a way that still feels organic and allows people to build trust with others.”

Senior HR Business Partner
An Effective and Engaging Way to

Quickly Build and Revitalize Workplace Culture.

Game-centric talent development technology for TEAMS that meets every employee where they are. The magic is in the methodology Play, Reflect, Grow!

  • Games
  • Assessments
  • Continuous Learning
  • KeepWOL Facilitator Certification

Games Play

Live multiplayer web-based games for teams can be played virtually, in person, or a hybrid fashion. Our library of psychology-based games emphasizes storytelling to elevate the human experience, provide contextual details to systemically change behaviors, and promote a sense of belonging while advancing users' interpersonal skills. Our games are categorized into 4 themes. Click to reveal!

  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Engagement
  • Team Dynamics
  • Innovation
  • Job Satisfaction
Awareness & Action
Paths Traveled
Going Beyond Inclusion
For All
Get to Know You
Team Building  

Assessments → Reflect

After each game, impact data is collected. KeepWOL collects data in 5 of the most difficult to measure areas: cultural intelligence, engagement, team dynamics, innovation, and job satisfaction.

The data collected can be analyzed at the industry, company, and down to the functional team level.

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Continuous Learning → Grow

No more one size fits all. KeepWOL’s natural language processing (NLP) AI technology uses gameplay outcomes to deliver educational content based on user-specific goals and preferred learning styles. Searching through millions of training courses to find the right one will be a thing of the past. KeepWOL gives content suggestions that meet users' needs without a single search by connecting to educational content databases like LinkedIn Learning. 

The data collected can be analyzed at the industry, company, and down to the functional team level.

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KeepWOL Facilitator Certification

Certification is required to facilitate KeepWOL sessions.

The best KeepWOL facilitators are outgoing, natural conversationalists, active listeners, great at asking questions, humorous, and are committed to enabling authentic connections and fostering a sense of belonging.

Having facilitators internal to your organization allows for on-demand sessions. However, facilitators should not facilitate for teams they're directly a part of.

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Why Your Organization Should Be Using KeepWOL

KeepWOL focuses on the human elements of work that make or break organizations. It’s an end-to-end solution that provides value to employees and improves your company’s bottom line.

You get to play!

Because we all should play more.

support employees

Organizations can pinpoint what support employees need at a specific given moment.

preferred learning

We meet employees where they are by providing a digestible amount of personalized educational content in their preferred learning style.

practice new skills

Teams get to practice their new skills in real-time scenarios in their day-to-day work environment.


You get accountability, measurable change, and continuous development opportunities for each employee and the company as a whole.


Effective for remote, in-person, & hybrid teams

The Numbers Don’t Lie

KeepWOL works! Our customers see positive movement in each of our 5 pillar areas in as little as 90 days.

up to

Improvement in employee engagement levels


Improvement in consideration for new ideas & encouragement for professional development

Team dynamics

Improvement in communication & the day-to-day work environment

Cultural Intelligence

Improvement in appreciation for different perspectives & respect towards diverse demographics

Job Satisfaction

Improvement in employee's likelihood of staying at their organization

of users said KeepWOL allowed conversations to come to light that otherwise wouldn't have surfaced.
See it in action &

hear from our users

We bring global teams together

From fostering open communication to avoiding costly disruptions, the benefits and applications of using KeepWOL are endless.

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Maximize cultural intelligence, minimize turnover

Elevating the human experience to unlock productivity

Keep Wondering Out Loud (KeepWOL) is a verified, measurable, and cost-effective talent development platform that fosters inclusion within remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

Using a digital library of live multiplayer games, KeepWOL enables guided immersive experiences that develop employees, cultivate engagement, and measure impact to improve team dynamics.

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Build happier, stronger and higher performing teams in as little as 30 days

Tried and tested at...

Please, no more panels!

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Communal sharing

Lectures are one-way communication

Inclusion requires all parties to partake in the conversation. Activities where the audience is spoken to, instead of with, results in participants failing to absorb the content.


One-off events don't build teams

Escape rooms, trivia & happy hours are fun ways to spend a few hours, but they rarely rectify the issues that lead to tension between teammates.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Lack of connection breeds low morale

A lack of effective tools and processes that normalize open communication and trust in the workplace will derail any attempts at building long-lasting high performing teams.

Actively engaged employees could save the U.S. $500 billion a year.

Improve your bottomline:

Create safe spaces

True honesty only occurs when people feel that they will be accepted and heard as their entire self.

Dig below the surface

Communication starts with curiosity. People must be able to ask questions without fear of negative repercussions. 

Exercise empathy

Regular opportunities to develop and practice interpersonal skills builds loyalty and trust between team members.

We make learning & development simple, fun, & impactful

Why our customers love us

"We learned the true value of community"

Maya Munoz

Director of Global Services

"Brings so much out of each person!"

Yvonne Totin

Senior Director of Operations

"KeepWOL is perfect for remote teams!"

Rahul Patel

Head of Product Development

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