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Keep Wondering Out Loud is a verified, measurable, and cost-effective way to foster inclusion within remote or in-person teams.

Our novel process and easy-to-use software enable certified practitioners to drive fun and meaningful employee engagement at a global scale.

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Communal sharing

Lectures are one-way communication

Inclusion requires all parties to partake in the conversation. Activities where the audience is spoken to, instead of with, results in participants failing to absorb the content.


One-off events don't build teams

Escape rooms, trivia & happy hours are fun ways to spend a few hours, but they rarely rectify the issues that lead to tension between teammates.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

Lack of connection breeds low morale

A lack of effective tools and processes that normalize open communication and trust in the workplace will derail any attempts at building long-lasting high performing teams.

Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $500bn each year.

Here's how you turn the tide:

Create safe spaces

True honesty only occurs when people feel that they will be accepted and heard as their entire self.

Dig below the surface

Communication starts with curiosity. People must be able to ask questions without fear of negative repercussions. 

Encourage empathy

Regular opportunities for fun and meaningful social connection builds loyalty and trust between team members.

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