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Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks


With more than 14 years of experience working at 5 different Fortune 500 companies plus being a black millennial woman in engineering & tech, Lauren understands from a personal and professional level what keeps employees engaged and wanting to stay at a company. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA in Operations Management. But at her core, she's a curious, and at times overly transparent, conversationalist with a superpower of getting others to break down their fear of vulnerability and feel comfortable sharing as well. The combination of her strengths led her to create Keep Wondering Out Loud or, as she likes to call it, KeepWOL.

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Suzi Hammond


Suzi has over 15 years of experience as a certified facilitator and trainer in corporate environments. Her passion for personal development led her to become certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment Instrument (MBTI) in 2014. Suzi brings positive energy, creativity, and curiosity to everything she does. Skilled in Intercultural Communication, Public Speaking, and Facilitation, Suzi is a natural connector and team-builder. She holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication & Leadership.

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Stephanie Barron Hall

DIRECTOR OF connection

Stephanie is a team culture consultant focusing on personal and team development. For over seven years, Stephanie has been leveraging her lifelong fascination with the human personality to provide education and tools for teams to make real, sustainable change. Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication & Leadership, as well as a certification in the Enneagram system of personality. Stephanie is here to help you build connection and confidence in your team so that you can keep employees engaged, empowered, and productive.

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Ashley May


Ashley has a decade of experience in learning and development. She has spent the majority of that time in corporate learning environments at two Fortune 100 companies. She specializes in driving engagement and retention through curriculum development backed by industry-standard learning principles. Ashley is passionate about empowering instructors to deliver inspiring and inclusive sessions.

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Anoosha Trehan


Anoosha is the youngest member of our team, and a first year Biotechology/CPA student at the University of Waterloo. She not only has an ambitious mindset, but an inquiring one as well. Anoosha leverages her unique perspective to start diverse conversations, and never fails to wonder out loud.

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Vivek Dixit


Over 20 years of experience as a growth leader, CIO, CTO, management consultant, CEO advisor and startup company board member with extensive background in business & technology management, strategy, transformation, product development, and global operations. Recently, he was VP of global advisory services at Gartner. Currently, the Managing Partner at 369GP venture capital & advisory firm and strategic advisor to B Capital Group, AlchemyCloud and KeepWOL. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and business education from Stanford, Cornell, and Kellogg School of Business.

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