How to Keep Employees Engaged at Work

The phrase “talent engagement” may seem like a trendy combination of buzzwords, but it’s just a way to talk about how connected and committed your employees really are. While it’s obvious that no one wants to walk into an environment where there’s open hostility or palpable tension, lack of engagement can be far more subtle — and sometimes far more insidious.

Learning the ins and outs of employee engagement and what you can do to boost your team’s morale could be the difference between improving:

  • Employee retention
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Innovation 


  • Watching your organization crumble under the weight of discontent

What is employee engagement?

There are multiple definitions of the word “engaged.” 

In addition to the obvious use of “engaged” to refer to couples soon to be married, it can also mean being occupied, busy or committed. It’s that last definition that really ties into the idea of employee engagement. 

Employees who are engaged are emotionally committed to the company they work for and dedicated to a shared goal. Instead of working solely for financial gain, engaged employees are passionate about the company mission and often put forth more effort than they’re asked for.

Why does employee or talent engagement matter?

While engaged employees aren’t automatically happier, they are more likely to find satisfaction in the work that they do because they’re seeking more than monetary rewards. There is a sense of purpose that comes with going to work every day when you believe in what you’re doing. 

Studies indicate a link between engaged workers and increased productivity. 

Think of it as a chain reaction: 

  1. Engaged workers are more likely to have a positive, upbeat attitude. 
  2. Being more upbeat infuses more energy into the workplace, helping teams work together more harmoniously and finish tasks on time. 
  3. Finishing tasks on time makes for happy clients, boosting profits, thrilling shareholders, and so on.

According to Gallup, just 36% of employees consider themselves engaged at work.

Just over half of employees are disengaged, and 13% consider themselves actively disengaged, meaning they’re so miserable they ooze negativity. That kind of “Debbie Downer” attitude can lead to plummeting morale. As morale tanks, so does productivity, making it more difficult to meet client demand and generate revenue.

How can KeepWOL help employees stay engaged?

Keep Wondering Out Loud, better known as KeepWOL, is an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement system that helps organizations build stronger, happier teams in as little as 30 days. Gone are the days of forcing employees to sit through boring lectures or attend virtual seminars that do little to inspire or motivate. Instead, KeepWOL helps clients build effective action plans that address employee engagement while maximizing interactivity, providing tons of customization and teaching participants through true meaningful community.

Whether your team is working in person or remotely,  skilled KeepWOL facilitators can bring teams together as they bring out the best in each and every individual.

To learn more about how KeepWOL can help keep your employees engaged and happy, book a call today.