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Whether you are an HR Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Team Manager, Culture Change Agent, or freelance consultant, we’ll train you to easily use the KeepWOL to facilitate great conversations anywhere, anytime to meet the organization’s cultural and productivity goals.

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks 

Creator & chief wonderer (CEO)

Lauren is accustomed to being the “only” in many settings, the “only” female, the “only minority,” or the “youngest” in her industry.  While well-meaning leaders promised programs and cultural initiatives, they always fell short of truly fostering connection and diversity in the workplace.  With her BS in aerospace engineering, an MBA in Operations Management, and over a decade of experience in corporate America, Lauren knew she could find a better solution.  

Using her finely tuned skill of conversation, her shared experiences at the 5 Fortune 500 companies that she’s worked for, and the determination to make things fun, Lauren developed a game that would subtly uncover connection and overcome vulnerability to nurture inclusion and team bonding - without the steep costs of missed work and extensive travel.


Suzi Hammond


Suzi has over 15 years of experience as a certified facilitator and trainer in corporate environments. Her passion for personal development led her to become certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment Instrument (MBTI) in 2014. Suzi brings positive energy, creativity, and curiosity to everything she does. Skilled in Intercultural Communication, Public Speaking, and Facilitation, Suzi is a natural connector and team-builder. She holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a  Master’s in Communication & Leadership.


Stephanie Barron Hall


Stephanie is a team culture consultant focusing on personal and team development. For over seven years, Stephanie has been leveraging her lifelong fascination with the human personality to provide education and tools for teams to make real, sustainable change. Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication & Leadership, as well as a certification in the Enneagram system of personality. Stephanie is here to help you build connection and confidence in your team so that you can keep employees engaged, empowered, and productive.


Kristen Edwards

Director of possibilities (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT)

Kristen has over 10 years of experience in Sales, Operations, Diversity Training, & Recruiting for Human Resources. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology for Leadership Development along with certifications as a DISCflex Facilitation and Enneagram Coach. Over the past decade, Kristen has lived out her obsession with team building to foster professional development based on individual personality types and working styles.


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