Team building software with proven results in just 30 days

We make employee engagement easy, simple, & fun!

There’s a reason our games have been called “epic” and it’s because we deliver team rapport and employee appreciation with a new twist.  With our team building software, you can improve team dynamics, bridge the divide, and improve employee morale - as often as you’d like.

Maximize cultural intelligence, minimize turnover

We all know that our teams and employees drive our businesses - yet with multiple locations, time zones, generations and cultures, it can be difficult to bridge the divide in an effective, engaging, and cost effective manner.

KeepWOL is for you if

  • You’re ramping up your team and need team bonding ASAP
  • Some existing employees feel disconnected from working remotely
  • You want to attract top talent by offering a welcoming corporate culture
  • Employee morale is lagging, despite your best efforts
  • You’re trying to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace
  • You need an engaging, interactive game for a virtual event, offsite retreat, or conference
  • You need results now

Develop a culture of collaboration for productivity while actually having fun.

The concept of the game is simple, but the magic is in the execution! 

KeepWOL is a virtual card game that asks players questions about themselves, getting them to open up about their professional life, personal life, their desires,  their blockers, what makes them  tick, and what their values are.  

What seems like just a fun game for a few laughs is actually deeply rooted in proven organizational psychology.  That’s how we get the proven results!

Players virtually draw a card and answer the question to the best of their ability, and the other players rate their answer. Great answer? Need More Information? Try Again? Based on the rating, the answer can be complete, expanded on, or a fun penalty can be given. Then, on to the next player! 

Vulnerability is the name of the game the more open and genuine you are the more points you receive -- you’ll really get to know your team members, including management, on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

The format of the game takes the usual workplace pressure off and lets you go deeper than you typically would. The player with the most points at the end wins!

Curious? Play a demo round for free!

Can anyone use a KeepWOL team building software subscription?

While anyone can play the game, it has been strategically designed with organizational psychology in mind.  

We want you to get maximum results in the minimum amount of time, so we’ve created a certification process to become a facilitator - it’s easy and fun!

So whether you are a manager, C-Level executive, HR professional, or freelance consultant, you can certify an unlimited number of people from your organization - or we can provide a certified facilitator for you.

Book the funnest demo you’ll ever go to!

Can KeepWOL be used for Conferences or Retreats?

Yes! No matter whether you are planning a 

  • Virtual event
  • In-person offsite company retreat
  • Industry conference
  • Trade show
  • Large convention

you can provide a unique on-demand game that provides both an entertaining activity and a networking opportunity, all wrapped into one! 

You just book KeepWOL, we’ll take care of the rest. With our trained facilitators, we can run multiple KeepWOL sessions that your participants can enjoy in between meetings, as part of a networking event, or during scheduled downtime. 

No special equipment or setup required. All participants need is a simple QR code and a mobile device - then let the games begin.

How do I become a certified KeepWOL facilitator?

We know you’re busy, so we’ve created an efficient and highly effective certification course. 

Attend our next KeepWOL certification course either virtually or in person. We’ll include

  • Training on KeepWOL’s 3Cs facilitation approach
  • Software training
  • How to setup and host KeepWOL sessions
  • Tips & Tricks Guide for maximum results
  • “Practice run” facilitation sessions
  • Marketing guide to promoting your facilitation services
  • Access to KeepWOL's Facilitator Resource Center
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Authorization to facilitate/host KeepWOL sessions

Certifying 10 or more people from your organization? We’ll bring the training to you! 

Does the KeepWOL team facilitate events?

Every organization is different - so we’ve created a flexible model so you can choose what works best for you. 

You can choose from:

1) Do-it-yourself subscription - You are completely in control of when and where you host your sessions.

  • Great for organizations that are passionate about culture change and growth
  • Certification provided to as many people as you want
  • Flexible licensing options for consultants
  • Limitless engagement - no matter how large your organization is
  • Brings the flexibility to launch sessions on demand - anywhere, anytime!

Try a Demo Game Free Now

2) Done-for-you Event Service - Your session will be hosted and facilitated by one of our in-house Certified KeepWOL facilitators

  • Excellent for organizations who don’t have dedicated resources
  • Perfect for organizations who need to outsource
  • Get a customized experience without having to do a thing
  • Great choice for annual offsite retreats or regional team meetings
“I love this game for the simple fact that it brings people together.”

- Rahul Patel, Head of Product Development

Who uses the KeepWOL team building software?

  • Human Resource professionals
  • C-suite executives
  • Diversity consultants
  • Team managers
  • Event planners for retreats, conferences, and other events
  • Anyone who knows that strong teams mean better business results

What are the KeepWOL games?

The success of your projects stems from the simplicity of strong communication among your team. This game brings out the natural intricacies of being human through open and guided conversation categories that include life, love, self-reflection, world views, travel, celebrity, and everything in between. Experience how improving collaboration among your team enhances productivity and lessens conflict among personalities.

Our decisions and actions are fueled by the individual journey we've all taken through life. This game embraces those differences and allows participants to understand how the unique story behind every team member weighs in how they work, decide, interact and grow. This game is great for DEI workshops that help share what makes you, you and foster compassion for your team members.

Build up your team through this leadership game. Get curious about what fuels career progression, individual happiness, performance, and employee mental health to help us meet our goals.

This game is designed to create impactful conversations that bring out the nostalgic imagination and curate wonder that comes from lowering your wall and allowing your team to dream big, reminisce, and finally, Wonder Out Loud.

Open up the minds of your team with this game by removing the limitations that we subconsciously self impose. If you could, what would you do? This game encourages individuals to think beyond their everyday reality and tap into a place of imagination and creativity.

In a virtual environment, what better way to learn the basics about your community and participants than with a lighthearted but informative game. Bring life into your orientations and quick icebreakers while encouraging everyone to share and participate.

Designed for leadership development and self-awareness, this game illuminates how your team handles different situations, day-to-day life occurrences, and how their personal stories play a role in the way they react.

This game was developed specifically to understand people managers' disposition and approach to building up themselves and their teams. It provides a thoughtful space for managers to self-reflect while learning from others. 

Our leaders have experienced highs, lows, and everything in between. This game brings leaders together to reflect and share strategies and techniques with individuals who understand where they're coming from.

Consumers demand personalized experiences- empower and build your team to share powerful strategies and techniques they use when working with clients and customers.

Why is KeepWOL more effective than traditional team building events?

One-off events don't build teams. Escape rooms, trivia & happy hours are fun ways to spend a few hours, but they rarely rectify the issues that lead to tension between teammates.

A strained team dynamic can really impact your productivity and employee morale.  This game is designed specifically to go beneath the exterior and really foster empathy and true connections.  

How long are the KeepWOL games?

We made them long enough to spark laughter, encourage vulnerability, and kindle connections, but short enough to keep your productivity going!  Here are the typical durations for KeepWOL sessions:

  • 1.5hrs for 15 participants or less (typical)
  • 2.5 hrs for up to 25 participants
  • 4+ hrs for retreats

What type of software is KeepWOL?

KeepWOL is a virtual game software with a communication proven methodology to form deep connections and improve engagement in the workplace.

It’s a web-based app available on PC’s, tablets, smartphones and laptops.. Just about anything that can run a web browser!  No clunky software installation or deployment required.

Choose from team-building games, all designed based on organizational psychology to:

  • Improve curiosity, listening skills, empathy, and understanding
  • Strengthen leadership and enhance cultural intelligence
  • Nurture psychological safety, vulnerability and courage
  • Encourage self-awareness and uncover assumptions or unconscious biases
  • Promote professional development

This on-demand fun activity, that can be played by any team, anytime, anywhere,provides actionable insights that invoke change inside and outside of the workplace.

This facilitator-led game delivers a measurable and cost-effective solution that builds tight-knit inclusive, high-performing teams who embrace their differences.

How is KeepWOL more effective than internal social networking platforms?

While those can be useful for some functions, they lack structure and guided communications. We all know that written comments can easily be misinterpreted due to lack of tone and other nonverbal cues.  Actually face-to-face interactions, even virtually over the screen, are far superior for encouraging bonding.

What if I already have Diversity & Inclusion Training (D&I)

It’s wonderful that you have begun the process of promoting diversity and inclusion to your organization.  But Diversity & Inclusion Training often focuses on what not to do - or not to say.  This often leaves team members unsure of where to go from there.

KeepWOL games encourage compassionate communications on a deeper level.  This sets the tone for positive interactions going forward.

Can KeepWOL software solve all the world’s problems?

Give us time!  In all seriousness, while we can bring you an instantaneous, repeatable, and fun way to build relationships, develop an inclusive and equitable workplace, and grow the next generation of leaders...there are things that our software is not designed to do. 

For example, KeepWOL is not an enterprise social networking service, text-based business communication platform, self-paced training tool, video conferencing platform, or a performance management system

“This game is a game changer!  I played this game with a group, men and women, whom I did not know very well.  I knew most players by name.  By the end of the night I felt I knew them all and wanted to be friends with them.  It really brought out the best in all of us.”

Use the KeepWOL team building software as often as you’d like for professional development or  a fun break from the workday, while uplifting and supporting your employees and teams.

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