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We are on a mission to unlock employee understanding through gameplay, contributing to healthier relationships in the workplace and beyond.

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KeepWOL’s Origin Story

KeepWOL stands for Keep Wondering Out Loud and began as an exciting card game tailored to personal relationships and new connections, developed by Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks. The card game was simple and entertaining and, most importantly, peeled back the layers so we could all get to know each other on a deeper level. Lauren quickly found that others shared her curiosity and appreciation, selling over 1,000 games on three continents.

During the pandemic and Great Resignation, Lauren shifted the business model, finding an untapped opportunity to build communication skills for teams and employees at the enterprise and business levels. She developed an online platform expanding the games to include objective pathways built around science, psychology, and artificial intelligence.

"Keep Wondering Out Loud was my solution to breaking walls down and jumpstarting meaningful relationships. I'm thrilled that we can now offer KeepWOL to teams around the globe! Because people have relationships with people, not companies.” —Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Our Mission

To unlock understanding through play

We work in the intersection of the hybrid workforce, next generation collaboration, and human connectivity.

Our Culture

“Realness and the unfiltered ability to be curious and courageous is what makes KeepWOL stand out. Everyone on the team cares about the problem KeepWOL is solving because it personally affects them too. Being able to truly relate to an issue you're solving everyday breeds motivation. We care about people and thrive to provide them with solutions that allow them and the people around them to be authentic while bettering themselves. The methodology that powers KeepWOL's technology is grounded in communication and psychological theories. It is all about being open, honest, and vulnerable with enough humor to keep everyone engaged. This approach uses deep personal work to address the human factors of many workplace issues.”–Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

–Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Our Values

Value 1


Wondering out loud in all walks of life

Value 2


Bringing our full selves to each day

Value 3


Changing the world around us

Value 4


Treating each other as valued and worthy human beings

Value 5


Doing things even when they make us uncomfotable

Value 6


A sence of beloging and psychological safety within the team

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