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Pharma Company reduced attrition by 20%

About The Company

A multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company with more than 150 years of history and expertise in health care and agriculture. They’ve assisted in tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues by developing cutting-edge technology, products, and solutions. Like many other global organizations, they experience challenges maintaining and developing company culture and team cohesiveness.

About KeepWOL

KeepWOL helps companies create teams that truly invest in the organization and mutual co-worker success. The forged bonds translate into productivity at work, built on a foundation of understanding and care. It is all about KeepWOL’s 3Cs: Curiosity, Courage, and Connection.

KeepWOL enables strong employee retention. We specialize in creative talent development with an emphasis on cultural intelligence. We foster an environment of understanding and appreciation while accepting the diverse perspectives brought to the table. With KeepWOL, a company will make an emotional investment in loyalty, keeping empathy at the forefront.

If your team or organization is looking for a dynamic talent development platform that bridges the gap between learning and doing, reach out to KeepWOL to make your company an even better place to work!

Challenges Faced

This hybrid split shift team had 4 primary challenges to address:

overall team synergy

The team was struggling with:
  • Conflicts due to personality differences
  • Difficulty having uncomfortable conversations
  • Difficulty being open and vulnerable
  • Decreased motivation and productivity

In partnership with KeepWOL, the team incorporated our game-centric talent development platform. The platform's Play, Reflect, & Grow process uses live multiplayer web-based games, AI technology, and end-to-end learning integration to deeply understand employees, improve soft skills, build inclusive teams, and revitalize the corporate culture.

primary goals

The team’s key objectives were to:
  1. Increase engagement & communication  across two shifts
  2. Build trust
  3. Boost morale & camaraderie
  4. Provide peer-to-peer feedback

Solution Implemented

Before starting KeepWOL sessions, the team took a benchmark assessment collecting quantifiable data in KeepWOL's 5 pillar areas: Cultural Intelligence, Engagement, Team Dynamics, Innovation, and Job Satisfaction. The team then began weekly sessions using our platform's Play, Reflect, and Grow process.


Hosted by a certified facilitator, the team played a new game from KeepWOL's library of psychology-based games every week for 75 minutes.


After each game, participants rated the personal, professional, and group impact. Personal and team development goals were based on game outcomes. They selected the focal area for their next game.


Participants received personalized educational content to assist in achieving goals. They used their dashboard to upvote and prioritize team goals.

Throughout each session, team members played games prompting openness about their personal lives, career, daily job struggles, passions, and interests - much more than what would typically be shared with colleagues. KeepWOL's methodology of meeting every employee “where they are” encouraged even the most introverted team member to let their guard down and feel comfortable sharing.

Results Achieved

A benchmark assessment was taken again after 2 months for an impact check. KeepWOL's process took effect quickly, providing significant improvement across the board with evident results after only 2 months of use.

Positive movement in all 5 pillar areas


Improvement in employee engagement levels


Improvement in consideration for new ideas & encouragement for professional development

Team dynamics

Improvement in communication & the day-to-day work environment

Cultural Intelligence

Improvement in appreciation for different perspectives & respect towards diverse demographics

Job Satisfaction

Improvement in employee's likelihood of staying at their organization

The benchmark assessment revealed that before KeepWOL, only 10% of the team had no desire to leave the company. After KeepWOL, 30% of employees had no desire to leave the company, an impressive 20% increase in retention.

“It's a simple platform that is easy to jump in and start using immediately. It forced the entire team to pay attention. Pushed members to engage and allowed the space to bring up and understand team issues that some are afraid to bring up on their own. Dedicate the time and you'll see improved team communication and engagement.”

-R&D Team Manager

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