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Finally get the corporate culture that matches your mission statement - and improve productivity while you’re at it!   Keep Wondering Out Loud (KeepWOL) is a verified, measurable, and cost-effective employee engagement software that fosters inclusion within remote, hybrid, or in-person teams.

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How much are disengaged employees actually costing you?

Leadership everywhere knows that corporate culture and employee morale can cost time and productivity - we’ve seen estimates of up to $350 billion per year in absenteeism, complaints, poor dynamics, and disillusionment within the team. 

Have you (or your clients) noticed that more and more employees 

  • Feel disconnected from co-workers, especially in remote work situations?
  • Don’t communicate well with team members or leaders?
  • Are bored with one-way slide deck presentations and training?
  • Feel excluded because of their background, cultural, generational or geographic differences?
  • Are frustrated that “difficult” personalities are affecting the team dynamics?
  • Wonder if their efforts are making an impact on the team or project?
  • Are looking for leadership training and professional development on the job? 

Low morale or disengagement often starts off with a few employees but can quickly spread across the organization.

As any organization psychologist will tell you, it’s difficult to attract top talent and create large scale impact with employees who don’t feel valued, included, or involved with the outcome.

Offering leadership skills and professional development can be a powerful way to both improve team dynamics and nurture individual employees on their optimal career path. 

Yet one time workshops or passive learning don’t bring opportunities to practice what they’ve learned and integrate new skills into real life situations.

Be a champion of connection and real change in just 30 days.

Skip the outdated team building exercises and traditional static training techniques of years past and eliminate the hassle of physical logistics.  Instead, get measurable employee engagement results within 30 days with our entertaining, virtual team building solution that deepens professional relationships and celebrates individual strengths and differences.

Best of all, it’s available to you now - any team, any time, anywhere! 

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Slideshows and mission statements are not enough

Good leaders know that it will take more than just a carefully worded mission statement to create real change that uplifts all employees.

Yet the current tools seem limited, costly, and outdated. Even experienced HR specialists and freelance consultants can struggle with the very real challenge of improving relationships, encouraging professional development, and boosting morale, especially with remote workforces that span locations, time zones, and cultures.

This can actually be fun - and easy.

This isn’t the same old team building exercises we’ve tried for decades.  This is a fresh and innovative way to nurture true employee engagement - and have a few laughs while doing it. 

Develop deep rapport and trust within teams to foster new ideas, process improvements, and quality output

Cultivate a corporate philosophy of diversity, equity, and inclusion  that welcomes and attracts skilled and motivated employees

Build employee loyalty by creating a culture that celebrates and appreciates the talents and unique qualities of each personality.

Support employees as they grow by providing on demand leadership training that can be practiced in real life with real teams

With the KeepWOL employee engagement software:

  • You don’t need to be an HR expert
  • You don’t need dedicated hardware or servers
  • You don’t need to spend thousands on costly and wasteful travel

Not just a fun game - it’s based on real organizational psychology.

Studies consistently show that positive interactions and culture are a major factor in employee satisfaction and retention.

Most employees want to feel included and valued, and naturally want their interpersonal conversations to be pleasant, non-confrontational, and fruitful. In fact, by simply increasing the positive colleague interactions, you can increase employee engagement by 57%.

Those are incredible gains by just creating an environment that lets everyone feel safe to flourish.

“I got closer to co-workers around the world… it was a beautiful experience.” 
- Maya Munoz, Director of Global Services

Create effective change in 30 days 

Skip the...

Instead get...

Create effective change in 30 days 

One-way communication just doesn’t work and is easily tuned out

Communal Sharing

Inclusion requires all parties to partake in the conversation. Activities where the audience is spoken to, instead of with, results in participants failing to absorb the content.

Ineffective one-time events

Escape rooms, trivia & happy hours are fun ways to spend a few hours, but they rarely rectify the issues that lead to tension between teammates.


Ongoing bonding and real connection are what drive and encourage true collaboration


Lack of connection breeds low morale

Empathy and Motivation

Normalizing open communication and trust in the workplace will promote long-lasting high performing teams.

Expensive Travel

Not only can team outings be expensive, but may involve travel costs such as hotels, meals, and airfare. Not to mention lost productivity.

Instant Virtual Access

Because this software is so easy to be used, a game can be played anywhere and anytime - across geographic locations and time zones.

Ineffective Passive Training

Practice Skills in Real Time

Become the innovative and inclusive workplace where everyone wants to be.

Now more than ever, fostering a culture of inclusion, diversity, respect, and employee satisfaction is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. Building tight-knit high performing teams across borders, generations, cultures, and backgrounds may bring challenges, but it doesn't have to be difficult. 

“KeepWOL was the perfect tool to build staff rapport during an unprecedented time. Covid-19 has caused some stress for our team and KeepWOL allowed us to build a closer bond. Many of my colleagues said it was the first time they didn’t feel alone in a while.”  

- Evolve Benton, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager at UCSF

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