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facilitating curiosity and Connections at google

About the Google Team

Google's newly-formed Employee Relations Care Team was in search of a bonding event to kick off their week-long team summit. Their global enterprise team spans 3 countries, 3 continents, and 4 time zones. This team is the definition of a distributed team. They wanted a solution that provided something new, facilitated, with the ability to bring people from different backgrounds and experiences together. Their key objectives were to:

  • Improve social connectedness
  • Allow participants to learn more about each other
  • Create a safe environment for sharing
  • Enable the building of trust
  • Provide interactive, fun, and insightful learning
Enter: KeepWOL

The facilitation was so natural and felt inclusive; structured to keep participants organized but lots of room for individual sharing and group learning. The layered questioning format was a good reminder that it's useful not just for business conversation but for getting to know one another as people.

Jennifer C., Manager, Employee Relations Care Programs

Lauren was an amazing facilitator and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She made everything easy, explained everything clearly, and looked like she really enjoyed the facilitation. She bonded with our team quickly and was incredibly fun to work with.

Elana W., Employee Relations Care Specialist

About KeepWOL

KeepWOL helps companies create teams truly invested in the organization and mutual coworker success. Employees using KeepWOL feel understood and appreciated for who they are and the diverse perspectives they bring to the table. With KeepWOL, you can build loyalty, empathy, and emotional investment in your company with culturally intelligent creative talent development.

Our Impact

We hosted a customized event for the Google care specialist team that fully integrated KeepWOL’s values with Google’s team development and bonding goals. We tapped into the team’s curiosity by prompting individuals to wonder out loud, ask questions, and get to know their peers on a deeper, authentic level.

Our goal was to help each employee recognize their potential to make a difference in the lives of others by treating one other as valued and worthy human beings. By demonstrating reverence, team members developed the courage to push themselves beyond their comfort zones.

By the end of Google’s KeepWOL bonding event, participants felt a deep sense of connectedness, belonging, and psychological safety among their coworkers.

Solution Implemented

Our team set up one of our Done-For-You events to deepen connections, bonds, and learnings. The event included:

consultation & logistics

A call to understand the team's challenges and key objectives


A tailored employee engagement experience using our Play, Reflect, & Grow process

facilitated event

An expert event facilitator to guide the team and ensure efficient and effective results.

The Google team played our What If game. The objective is to open the minds of a team by removing the limitations we all tend to subconsciously impose on ourselves. This game encourages individuals to think beyond everyday reality and tap into a place of imagination and creativity.

Results Achieved

After each game, participants reflect on their game experience and how it has impacted them personally, professionally, and as a group by answering questions on a scale of 1-10. These questions map to KeepWOL's 5 pillar areas. Below are the team's average impact ratings across each pillar.

  • Job Satisfaction = 9.6
  • Cultural Intelligence = 9.5
  • Engagement = 9.5
  • Innovation = 9.5
  • Team Dynamics = 9.3

We’re proud that we could kick off this team's summit and lay the foundation for employees to share their thoughts and feelings without judgment, build trust, and promote creative thinking.

"KeepWOL's creativity, variety of team-building content, ease of use, guaranteed learning, and virtual-friendly nature made it stand out from other talent development solutions. It was unlike anything I had ever participated in before. It expanded my thinking about how team-building can be done!"

Employee Relations Care Program Lead

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